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Our Company

     The production of fittings made of polyethylene for agricultural irrigation started in 1995. The quick expansion and growth in the agricultural irrigation market encouraged Akplas to start pipe production as well. At

the beginning, Akplas achieved a significant share in the agricultural irrigation pipe market by producing clamp type sprinkler irrigation pipes, and attained a fast growth trend by starting the latch type sprinkler irrigation pipes in 2004. This way, the company reached and obtained 40% of the agricultural irrigation (sprinkler) market of our country.

          Starting the production of PE100 class HDPE infrastructure pipes in the range of 16 – 160 mm in 2005, Akplas increased the production range to 16 – 400 mm in 2006 and in the same year, commenced the production of drip irrigation pipes. Gaining its current status by continuously growing, Akplas is now one of the leading producers of Turkey with its annual capacity of 28.000 tons of polyethylene raw material processing.

          Akplas possesses the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certificate with a system applying the quality management to each and every stage of the organization, and will continue its efforts oriented at growth with new productions in the production areas and being the pioneer of the sector at home and abroad.

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